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Worthiness Matters

Thoughts this morning...

We have only unlocked a millimeter of the love we are capable of experiencing.

We first have to feel worthy of that much love, which is inconceivable because we as humans can only understand love based on experience.

Our quest to be, feel and have more love is a returning to the pure soul as it was at birth...worthy and filled with knowingness.

We have experienced with all levels of our humanness the process and success of returning to that pure worthiness which are the moments of connection when we are in the experience of love.

In that state of connectedness, thoughts are wishes being fulfilled before they become a desire because we are worthy “beyond” want.

If we stay in that level of self understanding and live in constant love instead of moments, days, weeks... it becomes us.

It is who I am and you are and everyone is. We awaken to learning and what we learn about our self makes it easy to “see”.

I am teaching myself, my family, my community, my state,

country and world to live worthy.

Live as love. It is possible. We all are capable.

I am my pituitary secreting the hormone of love and spewing joy to the world!

How about you?

Love ~Patti

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