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What Does It Take... Surrender

Guest Blog post from Laura Mullennix, Client of Patti Stark

The Struggle is real

I’ve struggled with how to end this series because it is hard to articulate all of the lessons I’ve learned and how they’ve shaped the last three years of my life.

The truth is that although I am at a higher level of consciousness, I still struggle with self-doubt, guilt and shame.

Facing my deepest fears has been very difficult at times. There were times I wanted to run and hide but I continue to face them. I face them because I know they will remain fears until I have resolved them completely. This takes constant work and patience.

Reflecting on how I got here

When I reflect on this path I am on, I think of the phrase, “I’ve opened a can of worms.” Once you open the can of worms and they see the light, it is impossible to get them back into the can. This is my analogy to what it is like being awake. I have been released and freed. Now is the time for me to learn to LIVE.

In the past when I have found myself in difficult situations I had negative self-talk and said things like, “how did I get here”? or “How did this happen to me”?

Now, when I ask myself how I got here, it has a much deeper meaning. It's a positive connotation of a genuine awareness and acknowledgement. Admittedly, I still find myself in downward spirals, but I can get out of them much quicker than before.

During my daily meditation I visualize what I really want & how I can achieve a positive state of mind. Making ME high on my priority list is more important in my soul’s purpose than any job title, paycheck or accolades I could acquire.

Wow, it took a long time for me to figure that out!

Great, but what does this all mean? Keep reading..

Not so secret weapons

Over the last two posts I introduced you to the tools that were introduced to me. I touched lightly on the profound affect they’ve had one me. Here are some of my not so secret weapons.

1. Realization that change needed to happen. Becoming acutely aware of my unhappiness.

2. Finding the right person to guide me in becoming who I wanted to be (and who I didn’t know I could be) Enter, Patti Stark.

3. Being vulnerable and open enough with Patti to show her the good, bad and the ugly.

Because only then could real change happen.

*not easy but worth it.

4. Remaining vulnerable and being committed to the process every single day. Especially when it is hard.

5. Be prepared to let go of old ideas, old habits and even old friends that were toxic to my well-being.

6. Learn to love myself more through the pain of the old stories that I’ve told myself throughout my life.

7. Give myself permission to heal, to learn, to grow, to accept and change my heart and mind.

8. Keep going... Each day is a new lesson. Never stop learning and growing.

9. Forgive myself when I say or do something that isn’t going to elevate my spirit. Try again tomorrow.

10. Gratitude really is key. Saying out loud and with sincerity, "I am so grateful for today." Sounds easy, but try doing it on a day when you really aren’t feeling all that grateful for your troubles.

Let your light shine

Those ten steps may seem easy enough and maybe they are. But if they don’t seem easy, do them any way!

My work with Patti has taught me that the light within me has always been there. It is for all of us. Perhaps we have a self-dimming light. We darken it for some, and brighten it for others. But what would happen if you turn it all the way up and are bright all the time?

It may be blinding for some, and that is okay. But it will attract more of everything for you. Light attracts light, dark attracts dark.



My prayer for all beings, especially those that have been following along is this:

I pray you will look to your highest self, and you will expand your consciousness to be the beautiful person you were created to be.

I pray you will open your heart and allow love to flow through your body and your soul.

I pray you will surrender to what is.

I pray you will say yes to life.

Just surrender.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey with you.

I hope that maybe even one part of this may resonate with you. If it has made you curious (I hope that it has), then do yourself a favor and call Patti.

It might be the best decision you make for yourself.



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