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Becoming Certain

HELLO, world changing souls!!!

We are entering the very heart & soul of summertime here in Liberty MO..

I have been deeply thinking about the heat..trying to learn from it and how to transform my thoughts from negative to more accepting..

I want to become "one" with the environment.

We are in and of the environment, not separate from it; the temperature is not distinct from us. When there's no escaping the heat and the cold, the only way to combat it is to accept it.

Welcome this heat wave as a chance to slow down.. We are all moving at breakneck speed. Perhaps we are being given hot weather in order to make us slow down. Our addiction to doing and achievement is so accelerated, we need to learn the importance of allowing the mind, the body, and the soul more down time to see more clearly, feel more dearly, and listen more intently. In our society slowing down is often identified with sluggishness or loitering. Dedicate this hot day to the Amish and indigenous peoples everywhere who try to live in sync with nature's slow rhythms.

Part of becoming who we are requires us to figure out who we are and what we are figure out who we truly are, we often have to first figure out who we are not.. It feels so good to be certain. It is worth the work!

When we are certain, we can stop wasting time wondering...and we can just live!

We can live out who we are and we can live our purpose without being distracted by feelings of doubt.

Becoming certain comes when we try things and comes when we try things and succeed!! Becoming certain comes from asking the hard questions and seeking the right answers.

So my point is and what I want you all to remember is certainty is the reward of brave living, requiring the courage it takes to know things for sure. As we take responsibilty for our lives and live out the questions of our souls, we become more and more certain every day.

I am certain that I accept this heat & that I love your soul!


Below are some fun, beautiful photos from Summer Solstice Yoga at Stocksdale & Beer yoga at Rock and Run.. these yogi's are sporting the "Beer Yoga" tee-shirts and tanks available at Rock & Run

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