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V I S U A L I Z E  U

Life Coaching with Patti Stark

Addressing mental, emotional & spiritual blocks.


Personalized visualization and goal setting. 


Concluding with a 15-minute energy balance- Reiki. 

Initial Visit - First Session  $97


4 Week Package    $347


8 Week Package   $687


12 Week Package   $997


Relationship Success Coaching-


Spouses, children, friends & families learn to communicate on a higher level using Visualize U                                                                                                                      

 $147 for 90 min Minute Session


Couples Success Coaching-

When two people have a common goal or dream to manifest, each person will see the path to this goal or dream through their own lens. Couples success coaching acknowledges the importance of each persons view and a path toward the common goal. Visualizations are created from the strengths of each individual                                                                  

 $147 for 90 Minute Session

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