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C R Y S T A L  S O U N D B A T H  H E A L I N G

Sound baths are like a combination of restorative yoga, meditation, and a sacred sound concert. The goal of a sound bath isn’t to listen and pay attention but rather to let the sound wash over you. Like a bath, all you have to do is just lie back and absorb. Let the sound transport you.

A sound bath facilitator may use a variety of tools to get you into that blissful sonic space. Here at Serenity on the Square we predominantly use crystal sound bowls & instruments like drums, tuning forks, or chimes may also be used to transport you to your peaceful place. Some facilitators even use their voices to sing, chant or harmonize to deepen your sound bath experience.

Sound baths boast multiple physiological benefits that are supported by science. These include a slower pulse,

a decreased heart rate, lower blood pressure,

and deeper breathing,


 The sound vibrations also help move emotion, allowing you to purge grief, sadness, and anger in addition to physical pain. Altogether, these calming effects boost your immune system’s functioning, meaning that the benefits continue long after your sound bath session is over.

Your session will begin with creative visualization to prepare the body for an optimal experience.

30 Minute Session
60 Minute Session
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